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Mill Creek - 7/26/2008
Noland Creek, Great Smoky Mountains Natl. Park

Our second outing of 2008 took us up Noland Creek, which is inside Great Smoky Mountains Natl. Park), to the Mill Creek campsite (campsite #64). The round-trip distance of this hike was 8.5 miles. Having pretty much explored Hazel Creek for all it was worth, this trip was refreshingly unfamiliar.

Here we go!
Dani and Josiah next to a pretty mountain spring. You can't see much of the spring in this picture, but it's still a nice shot.

One of many bridges over Noland Creek.
Dani takes a break on the bridge.
Success! The Mill Creek campsite, 4.2 miles in.
Dani and Josiah enjoy some freeze dried chicken & rice for lunch.
The camp is all set up. The picnic table was a nice luxury item!
The clearing at the Mill Creek campsite.
A swarm of butterflies doing....something.
We went down to the water to relax...
Josiah had fun throwing stones across the creek.
Eric enjoys a good cigar.
Josiah and Dani on the bridge over Noland Creek.
Josiah ponders going for a swim.
Wow, that's cold water!
Josiah and Eric chill out on some rocks.
Sunday morning, 9:45 a.m. Packed up and ready for the journey home.
Josiah and Dani hiking back to civilization on Noland Creek Trail.
There and back again!

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