Camping at Fontana Lake - Jerry Hollow - 6/10/06

This was our 3rd trip to Fontana Lake. As with the last trip, we used the Canoe and camped on Jerry Hollow (campsite #87). This trip was pretty much identical to the last trip, so there was an nice feeling of familiarity on this trip. We went exploring in the canoe, however, and found a really nice campsite about 20 minutes away (by canoe) that we may try out on our next trip. We forgot to take many pictures on this trip, but it didn't really matter since we had already taken lots of pics of this location a couple weeks earlier. Interestingly, the lake water level had risen by about 4 feet or so since our last trip here 2 weeks prior and much of the shore where we had stored the canoe on our first trip was now underwater.

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