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Shining Rock Wilderness - 5/31/2009
Shining Creek, Pisgah National Forest

This was our first backpacking trip of 2009 as well as our first venture into Pisgah Forest. Dani and I had dropped Josiah off for his first time at summer camp at Camp Mondamin earlier in the day, so this trip was just the 2 of us. Camping in the smokies and the rockies, we've become used to nice wide trails that easy to hike as well as well marked. The Shining Rock Wilderness area of Pisgah is just the opposite. The trails were very narrow and overgrown and not well marked at all. We made several wrong turns and probably spent a good hour backtracking after making wrong turns. It was a bit frustrating to say the least. Nevertheless, once we finally go to a good campsite everything went great. Shining Creek is very beautiful (and cold!) and has numerous sparkling green swimming holes. We camped right alongside the creek and has a very relaxing time. Without Josiah to keep us busy, we pretty much just chilled out the whole time. We napped, made some dinner, enjoyed some coffee and tea after dinner and listened to lots of music. We originally had planned to make this a 2 day trip, but the next day we decided to head home instead...mainly because we were much further away from home than previous trips and wanted a day to just chill out at home. Our next trip is scheduled for June 20th. Enjoy the pics!

We dropped Josiah off at Camp Mondamin in the morning. It was a very nostalgic feeling to be back at my old camp.
Dani chilling on a rock while we stop to check out a pretty swimming hole.
In front of the first swimming hole.
Our campsite, all set up.
Another swimming hole. Very beautiful, but soooo cold!
Dani in front of the swimming hole.
Dani whipping up some breakfast the next morning.
Time to do the dishes.
This was a really cool looking spring coming out of the hillside and into the creek. We tried to get over to it to get some drinking water, but the creek was just too damn cold to cross.
Lacing up my shoes for the journey back to the car.
Dani is all ready to hike out!
A shot from the Blue Ridge Parkway, not far from where we camped.

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