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McCracken Branch - 6/20/2009
Deep Creek, Great Smoky Mountains Natl. Park

This was probably the most difficult hike we've done to date, and we had a blast. We did 11 miles round trip. On Sunday morning it started pouring rain and we ended up having to pack up and hike back in the pouring rain. There was a nice cold spring near the campsite, so we got some very cold and refreshing water from the spring as opposed to using creek water like we usually do. Josiah was a total champ during the long and difficult hike. A very challenging trip and a whole lot of fun! Unfortunately, the camera battery died about halfway through the trip, so we only got a few pictures. Enjoy!

Our journey beings.
Josiah looking goofy.
Eating a snack of chicken and rice that Dani whipped up upon arriving at the McCracken Branch campsite.
A pretty little waterfall spring.
Dani does dishes after chicken and rice.
Josiah takes a dip in the freezing creek.

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