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Spring Training - 3/24/07
Eagle Scout Trail, Allatoona Dam

After no camping trips all through the winter, we decided to start the 2007 season off with an easy day hike to help get us back into reasonable shape. We drove up to Allatoona Dam (on Lake Allatoona, of course) and hiked a couple miles on the Eagle Scout trail that runs off of the road to the dam. We also took a ride to the Native American burial mounds at Etowah. Enjoy the pictures!

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Allatoona Dam.
Josiah and Daddy
Eric and Dani!
Josiah and Mommy take a breather.
Isn't this a weird tree? It looks like an alligator or something.
The burial mounds at Etowah.
From on top of the largest mound, mound A.
The view from the top.
An ancient Indian fish trap still sits in the river.

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